Custom Cuptails
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What do you get when you cross a cupcake with a cocktail?
A cuptail! Custom Cuptails specializes in cocktail-inspired made-to-order delectable cupcakes, catered to you.

Having a party? Special event? Pick from our menu options OR get a special treat customized and delivered for your event.

Cuptails are made to order by hand within 24 hours of your event in most cases. From sifting the flour to zesting the limes to creaming the butter for dreamy frosting, these are as homemade as it gets.

The freshest ingredients are used, as well as organic and local whenever possible. High-quality chocolate, fresh fruit, organic dairy and eggs, unbleached organic flour and more.

All standard flavors do include alcohol however, non-alcoholic flavors can be made upon request.
Cupcakes with a Kick!
handmade gourmet cupcakes for your next party or event!
In life, you often get surprised by what you love. I never would have guessed that I would enjoy spending so many of my waking hours baking cupcakes. I have had a great career, traveled, made great friends, tried a dozen hobbies, but nothing quite brings me joy or relaxes me as much as baking does. When I decided to add the cocktail twist, it all became even more fun.

I'm constantly thinking about the possibilities - chocolate whiskey ganache, tequila-lime frosting, Grand Marnier orange zest. I look forward to helping you make your next event a delicious hit.

Bon appetit & bottoms up!

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